Cocktail Mixology Secrets

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Tip #1

When garnishing a drink with mint, smack the leaves on the back of your hand to break up the cells and release more aroma.

Secret Tip
Tip #2

Mix equal parts honey and warm water when a cocktail calls for honey. This “honey water’” will be easier to mix in a cocktail that is cold.

Tip #3

Roll lemons or limes on a table or bar to break up the fibrous cells of the fruit. This will make the fruit easier to juice or squeeze.

Secret Tip
Tip #4

Separate egg whites carefully; since small amounts of yolk will contaminate the egg white and can adversely affect the whipping properties.

Secret Tip
Tip #5

Adding a pinch of powdered copper supplement (available from health food stores) to egg whites will ensure firmer and glossier egg white foam.  Just remember to dry shake the mixture first.

Secret Tip
Tip #6

Adding a very small pinch of salt to a sweet cocktail will boost the complexity of the drink.