Belvedere Vodka Launches New Global Advertising Campaign

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Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first super premium vodka, today launches its new advertising campaign which highlights the brand’s unrivalled quality and rich heritage of Polish vodka-making.

The integrated advertising campaign developed by Belvedere Vodka in conjunction with BBDO, the world’s leading global marketing and advertising company, will showcase the purity and character of the super-premium brand whilst encouraging consumers not to compromise on the standard of their vodka on a great night out. Designed to bring to life Poland’s status as the birthplace of vodka as well as the history of Belvedere’s 100-year old distillery, the brand’s natural integrity is at the center stage of the advertising campaign which communicates how to have a great, energetic night out - all by simply ‘knowing the difference’.

The visual cues of the first TV advertisement convey the style and excitement of a group of people heading out for an evening, uncertain of where they will go but knowing they will have a great night due to the choices they make – and when you know vodka, you know to choose Belvedere. The second creative highlights why Belvedere Vodka is acknowledged with creating the super-premium vodka category, placing emphasis on its authenticity - made from dankowskie rye, pure water from its own artesian well and distilled according to a 600 year-old Polish tradition. 

Each elegant shot illustrates the natural ingredients and outstanding taste of Belvedere and will be set to the sounds of cutting-edge music duo Goldfrapp - who recently launched their new album ‘Tales of Us’ to critical acclaim.

This is Belvedere Vodka’s largest campaign in the history of the brand. The 360º advertising campaign, Belvedere’s biggest ever investment, will begin with two dynamic 15 second and 30 second television adverts debuting on nine channels including TBS, The Comedy Channel, ESPN and Spike TV from Monday 21st October 2013. The broadcast campaign will be supported with full digital multi-channel support across social, search, online video and Belvedere-owned media channels.

The TV advertisements will be followed by an exciting global campaign for 2014, which includes bespoke print advertisements and an extensive artist partnership. More details on the 2014 campaign will be announced towards the end of the year.

Charles Gibb, President of Belvedere Vodka says, “This is an exciting time for Belvedere Vodka. As true pioneers of the super premium vodka category, our new advertising campaign echoes our commitment to producing the highest quality, premium vodka without any compromise and reiterates that every moment can be exceptional when you make the right choice; you simply have to ‘know the difference’. We are extremely proud of the advertising creative and partnering with Goldfrapp as our artist of choice for the soundtrack for our new TV campaign.”

The world’s leading industry professionals and spirit specialists consistently acknowledge the unrivalled quality of Belvedere Vodka.  In 2013 alone, Belvedere Vodka has accumulated 23 medals and trophies including two trophies from the International Spirits Challenge and the overall Master from the Vodka Masters. Belvedere Vodka today is the most awarded vodka throughout the history of the Vodka Masters.  The world’s first super premium vodka also received five gold medals for Best Vodka from



First introduced to North America in 1996, Belvedere’s distinctive character and uncompromising integrity are recognized internationally by discriminating vodka enthusiasts, who appreciate its all-natural, additive-free character.  Made entirely from Dankowskie Rye and blended with water from its own pristine source, Belvedere Vodka’s taste profile is distinctively soft with a subtle sweetness and naturally smooth, clean finish.

In 2012, Belvedere introduced Lemon Tea to its award-winning Maceration collection (Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, Orange, Black Raspberry, Bloody Mary) Lemon Tea is the second vodka made to a drink from Belvedere and is distilled with eight exceptional ingredients including black & green teas, ginger, chamomile, lemongrass, honey and lemon; resulting in a refreshing and vibrant vodka. A simple addition of iced tea or lemonade also turns a Belvedere Lemon Tea into a delectable cocktail for poolside lounging or beach party.

In 2011, Belvedere Vodka partnered with (RED)™ to launch BELVEDERE (PRODUCT)RED  - a Special Edition Bottle that raises proceeds for the Global Fund, the world’s leading financier of programs to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. 50% of profits from the global sale of every (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition bottle will be contributed to the Global Fund. The (BELVEDERE)RED Special Edition bottle delivers a clear, succinct message: Buy (BELVEDERE)RED,  Give (BELVEDERE)RED, and with your purchase, generate funds which help fight AIDS and save lives.

Belvedere Unfiltered created from 100% rare Dankowskie Diamond Rye completes the super premium vodka collection.

Do not forward these materials to anyone below the legal purchasing age. Belvedere Vodka is a quality choice. Drinking responsibly is too.