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I’ve heard that in television, you should never work with children or animals. After my appearance on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien, I realized there’s another category to watch out for: overenthusiastic talk show hosts! Let’s just say that other than almost setting TV’s top talker’s mouth on fire, I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience!
We all know that most of the molecular technique are not very entertaining to watch so instead I chose a couple of drinks that were visibly interesting and, as it turned out, highly entertaining. 
Despite Conan’s lack of cocktail know-how, he seemed to get the hang of muddling quickly and showed a lot of enthusiasm for his new found skill (note to self, don’t wear silver next time!). Since Conan has professed to liking anything pink and girlie, the pomegranate martini was concocted especially for his taste. After an impressive and manly shake we managed to get the drink into the glass and actually top it with a simple lemongrass foam which was enjoyed by the other guests, John Krasinski and XXX.
The next drink was due to be a solid Kir Royale however time was ticking and Conan was anxious to set something on fire. Choosing a Blue Blazer style Sazerac seemed a good idea in the months leading up to the appearance, however with a fire marshal standing by and a couple of fire extinguishers aimed at us, not to mention a studio audience of a few hundred, I started to question my judgment. What if Conan accidentally spilt the liquid on his clothes? What if the jug got too hot and he dropped it, setting fire to the set? What if, heaven above, I dropped my jug of flaming liquid??! As you can see from the clip, the most challenging thing for me is actually getting my gloves on (note the second attempt at putting the glove actually on the correct hand!).
Gloves finally on and liquid finally alight we run through the pouring of the flaming drink, and everything is going well. The lights are dimmed and the audience are making appreciative ooing and ahhing sounds.
‘Phew’ I’m thinking, we’re in the home stretch nothing is going to go wrong, hooray. That is until Conan tries to drink the cocktail. While its still on fire. Re-watching the clip, I can see the look of terror across my face as I realize he’s bringing the flaming liquid to his lips for a little sip. Should I stop him? This wasn’t in the rehearsal. At the very last second I reached for the drink to stop him and save Conan’s livelihood, his mouth!
Thanks to Conan and all at The Tonight Show, I had a blast. And next time, I’ll stick to shaking and stirring and maybe leave the fire eating to the circus acts. Here are the recipes we created (found in the following blog post), and remember to always be very careful when making Blazers at home or in the bar, unless you have a fire marshal standing next to you.

Do not forward these materials to anyone below the legal purchasing age. Belvedere Vodka is a quality choice. Drinking responsibly is too.