Rita Ora is a chart-topping fashion icon. Belvedere is the original luxury vodka and is among the most prestigious vodkas across the globe. These two global forces electrify the film, music, mixology and fashion worlds as Ora steps out onto Belvedere's "Le Club Albane" stage for one night only.


Rita Ora launched her sophomore album much to the anticipation of music critics and fans. With music legends Prince and Gwen Stefani lending their voices along with DJ Calvin Harris offering up his producing skills, this album does not to let anyone down (as her single, I Will Never Let you Down, appropriately predicted).


When Rita Ora isn't in the studio, she is found within the pages of globally-recognized fashion magazines. Ora's bold, edgy style has upped the ante and caught the attention of big-name brands who signed the performer for partnerships.


It's Ora's anthem-worthy hits and striking style that made her the perfect match to be a part of Le Club Albane with Belvedere Vodka in Cannes. Following a crafted dinner for exclusive Friends of Belvedere members, Rita Ora kicks the night up a couple of notches with a one-of-a-kind performance. Set against the backdrop of Belvedere's exclusive Silver Sabre limited edition bottle, presented to Rita as an exclusive gift. The Belvedere sponsored evening at Le Club Albane is an energized collision of fashion, music and mixology.


Belvedere's exclusive night with Rita Ora in Cannes provides an experience not to be forgotten!