Belvedere has been a proud (RED) partner for over five years, donating 50 percent of profits from (BELVEDERE)RED limited edition bottles to the Global Fund to fight and eliminate HIV/AIDS.

For 2016, John Legend joined the fight as the ambassador for (BELVEDERE)RED, and developed the campaign’s core values: security, change, support, and unity. To bring these to life, we collaborated with South African artist Esther Mahlangu to design the bottle artwork in the colorful style of her Ndebele tribal art.

With every bottle, we can make the difference.


(BELVEDERE)RED Limited Edition Bottle

Buy. Give. Save Lives.
Belvedere is passionate about vodka, but equally passionate about giving back. This led to the creation of the limited edition bottle; designed with unique tribal art by the renowned Esther Mahlangu. The same smooth Belvedere Vodka with one big difference. For every bottle you give (or keep), Belvedere Vodka contributes 50 percent of the profits to the Global Fund to help keep girls and women safe and educated.

Available at select retailers, restaurants and bars.

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About the artist: Esther Mahlangu

Esther Mahlangu is a celebrated artist, humanitarian and royal member of the Ndebele tribe in the Gauteng region of South Africa. From the teachings of her mother and grandmother, she began her artistic career at the age of 10. Now 80-years-old she is known for her bold, larger than life designs, painted on the exteriors of her village’s homes and in major international campaigns like ours.

In the authentic style of Ndebele tribal art, she has created a unique visual language that speaks to us all, and represents the (BELVEDERE)RED campaign values of support, security, change, and unity.

Widening accessibility to education and eliminating HIV/AIDS are causes dear to Esther. Her art for the campaign is inspired by the four powerful values and all her proceeds are donated to the school she built "to teach the children."



Introducing, our limited edition (RED) shaker and (BELVEDERE)RED bottle set. With an unshakeable spirit for change, 50 percent of the profits go to the Global Fund to combat laws that bar people from HIV/AIDS testing and care.

Available at select retailers

Available at select retailers

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(RED) Cocktails

Introducing an artistic lineup of (BELVEDERE)RED cocktails, each using our limited edition (BELVEDERE)RED Vodka to make the difference.

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Make The Difference

This is no ordinary mission and this is no ordinary bottle. It’s filled with hope and an unstoppable spirit for change. Working together, we can make a real difference.

Every bottle sold is a contribution to an organization that fights against HIV/AIDS for people, health, safety and opportunity. And every time you share (BELVEDERE)RED on social media, you help spread awareness for this important cause.


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