Serve up seasonal cocktails to start the summer off right.

Start of summer with fresh and natural cocktails.

In the city or out in nature, the beginning of summer calls for cocktails inspired by the ...

beautifully fresh ingredients bursting into season this time of year. Juicy, just-picked fruits, fragrant herbs and verdant veggies combine with the complex and elevated flavors of Belvedere vodka to create cocktails that taste as fresh and extraordinary as the new season.

curated cocktails

Bring the flavors of the summer harvest to your cocktail shaker.

The start of summer brings the freshest, most beautiful natural cocktail ingredients of the ...

year. From the garden to the farmer’s market, you’ll find a bounty of the greenest, juiciest, lushest produce and herbs, perfect for making naturally fresh and simple cocktails with Belvedere Vodka. Pick out some crisp cucumbers, leafy greens like kale, herbs like rosemary, mint and basil, and the ripest fruits you can find, then create some remarkable cocktails.

When you have the best ingredients to craft cocktails from, all you have to do is step back and let them shine. Just squeeze some fresh juices, muddle some fruits or vegetables and crush some herbs. Then, let Belvedere take it to the next level with the nuanced complexity of vodka created from Polish rye, purified water, distilled by fire.

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