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Taste the influence of terroir.


Belvedere Single Estate Rye Vodkas are the Characterful Result of Unique Terroir, Rare Rye and Expert Craftsmanship.

Exclusively made from Dankowskie Diamond rye grown by Lake Bartężek and the Smogóry Forest, discover a rye vodka series that captures the distinctive flavor of these unique environments.

 lake bartezek
lake bartezek bottle

Lake Bartężek

Crafted from rye cultivated on the shores of a glacial lake in Northern Poland’s Lake District. The region’s long, snowy winters help create a fresh, smooth and delicate vodka with hints of spearmint, toasted nuts and black pepper. It brings out the more nuanced characteristics of rye, and is perfect for elegant, crisp drinks served up.

smogory forest
smogory forest bottle

Smogóry Forest

Crafted from rye cultivated on a single estate deep in the vast woodlands of Western Poland, where long summers and a pristine environment help develop a bold, robust and savory vodka. With notes of salted caramel, white pepper and honey-kissed hints, it brings out the richer flavors of rye and is perfect for cocktails with complex flavors.