belvedere intense

Crafted by Master Rye Distillers

The Traveler's Exclusive.

Belvedere Intense is a bolder version of Belvedere Vodka, which elevates and intensifies the special characteristics of Polish rye. Diluted with less water to 100 proof (50%ABV), the vodka is double filtered through charcoal to yield a fresh texture and complexity, highlighting a fine balance between elegance and strength.

Trophy, 2019 International Spirits Challenge

Belvedere Intense (50%)

Nutritional Value
276 | 83
1145 | 344
Fat g:
0 | 0
0 | 0
Carbohydrate g:
0 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 0
0 | 0

Per portion: 100ml | 30ml

Made with Nature
Always Distinctive, Always Made With Nature

Every bottle of Belvedere, from exclusive limited editions to classic original Belvedere vodka ...

is made with nature. Each spirit contains polish rye distilled by fire in a process based on 600 years of polish vodka making heritage, plus water purified in an 11-step process to create a flawless stage for the rich flavors of the distilled grain to shine through. Sourced from just eight local agricultural partners, the rye used never contains additives, in accordance with Polish vodka legal regulations, which are some of the strictest in the world.

The master distillers at Belvedere use their talents, and the rich history of polish vodka making to transform simple ingredients from nature into extraordinary vodka. Belvedere has always been a champion of taste. We believe that vodka created from nature is an expression of the dynamic and distinctive flavor that can be created when simple, high quality, natural ingredients are crafted with care.

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