Elevate the best meal of the weekend with fresh and flavorful cocktails.

Belvedere Brunch Cocktails

Brunch is the part of the weekend. It is the perfect time to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail. ...

Something interesting and unexpected that complements both the food and the ambiance.

The perfect brunch combines extraordinary dishes with a balanced approach to cocktails, bringing fresh and inspired flavors to the table to enliven your senses. Simple, fresh ingredients you’d find at the greenmarket, like verdant herbs, lush fruit and vegetable juices, and spirit-lifting spices combine with the smooth flavors of Belvedere to add a light and airy element to the meal.

curated cocktails

Fresh, delicious cocktails to lift any brunch to the next level.

Flavorful and fresh cocktails made with Belvedere are a sure way to elevate your brunch ...

experience, These recipes embody the Belvedere “Best, Fresh, Simple” cocktail philosophy, incorporating ingredients like vibrant fruit and vegetable juices, fragrant herbs, unexpected spices and even leafy greens to create an extraordinary burst of flavor.

These naturally simple cocktails pair perfectly with sweet or savory brunch dishes as they combine Belvedere’s complex and distinctive flavor notes with simple yet incredibly flavorful plant-based ingredients. Spices like turmeric add depth and character, while garden favorites like cucumber, avocado and kale create cocktails with unmatched freshness. The usual brunch cocktails are transformed and elevated by matcha and coffee-based ingredients that offer a delicious daytime pick me up. Superfood cocktails are perfect for slow sipping and savoring.

Discover the best recipes, master simple mixology and experience beautifully fresh cocktails

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