Organic Infusions

Organic Belvedere Vodka meets organic fruits and botanicals.

Belvedere only sources the finest quality ingredients, allowing the true character of each to come to life in vodka.

This range of super-premium flavored spirits is no exception, representing Belvedere’s first certified organic vodka.

Blackberry & Lemongrass with a Hint of Sage

A rich and vibrant tasting blend of organic fruit and botanical infusions, and organic Belvedere Vodka.

This unique and perfectly layered organic vodka soda combines the flavours of lush ripe blackberry and fragrant lemongrass, balanced with a hint of sage. Notes of vanilla, rich dark chocolate, and a light peppery citrus are present in the organic vodka, elevating the flavor profile of the spirit.

Lemon & Basil with a Touch of Elderflower

A fresh and bright tasting blend of organic vodka with organic fruit, botanical infusions and sparkling water.

Tart and zesty organic lemon and fragrant green basil are balanced with a touch of elderflower, creating a unique and perfectly layered combination of flavors.

Pear & Ginger with a Drop of Linden Honey

A crisp and zesty tasting blend of organic vodka with organic fruit and botanical infusions and sparkling water.

Luscious ripe pear, light ginger spice, and the complexity of organic Belvedere vodka are touched by a final hint of linden honeyed sweetness, creating a spirit that’s filled with pure flavour.