Fresh Fall Cocktails

Fresh fall cocktails featuring the most carefully selected organic ingredients.

Make the most of the autumn season with these fresh and perfectly balanced cocktails.

These cocktails combine freshly picked fruit, fragrant herbs ...

and aromatic spices with the rich, velvety flavor of Belvedere Vodka to create delicious drinks that are perfect for sipping. Serve up your favorite cocktail at Thanksgiving dinner or cozy up by the fire and savor the taste of fall.

Our smooth, medium-bodied spirit is the perfect complement to the bold flavors of the harvest, from orchard-grown fruit to earthy vegetables, to warm, unexpected spices. And, with no additives, chemicals or pesticides, you can be sure that Belvedere is bringing you the best in natural flavor for a clean and sustainable drinking experience.

curated cocktails

Bring the taste of autumn to your cocktail shaker with ingredients you love and Belvedere Vodka.

From the farmer’s market to your local orchard, you’ll find ...

an array of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, perfect for mixing these autumnal cocktails. Choose some fresh citrus and leafy greens, herbs like rosemary and lavender, and bold spices like ginger and chili flakes.

Once you have the ingredients you need, mixing these fall cocktails is a snap. Just combine your spirits, bitters and sweet vermouth with our smooth, fire-distilled organic vodka. Or, squeeze some lime juice and a spoonful of honey into your shaker and let Belvedere elevate these earthy flavors. Give your cocktail a good shake and strain it over ice. Then, top it all off with garnish.

For the best results, we recommend keeping a few bartender’s tools on hand, including a citrus and lemon zester, long-handled bar spoon, cocktail strainer and a good cocktail shaker.

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