Pre-Dinner Classic Cocktails

Like the craft that goes into Belvedere’s distinctive spirits, these iconic cocktails have stood the test of time.

Time-honored methods combine with simple, high-quality ingredients—get things started with a classic.

Whether you’re crafting cocktails at home, or settling into the banquettes at your favorite ...

restaurant, Belvedere takes classic cocktails to a new level, adding depth and interest to timeless recipes.

Classic cocktails are perfect pre-dinner drinks, whether it's a celebratory special occasion or a just a moment after work with friends. Simple, fresh and flavorful, they’re versatile enough to set the mood for all kinds of cuisine.

Polish rye’s potential for complex flavor makes Belvedere an ideal addition to the classics.

curated cocktails

Classic cocktails crafted to perfection—by you.

There’s a reason they’re called classics. When thoughtfully prepared, the classics are flavorful ...

and interesting enough, a perfect match for cocktails enjoyed with friends, or for sipping as you prepare a delicious meal. They’re simple enough to make yourself, but they don’t have to be basic. With a few go-to ingredients and essential tools of the trade, you can easily craft elevated versions of classic cocktails at home.

Belvedere spirits pair perfectly with flavors like bright and zesty citrus, or fresh herbs like mint or rosemary. The intensity of bitters and the sweetness of organic honey complement the nuanced flavors of Belvedere’s fire distilled vodka to create unique, multi-dimensional flavor profiles from just a few choice ingredients. Be sure to keep a few bartender’s tools like a citrus zester, cocktail strainer, long-handled bar spoon and a good shaker on hand for best results.

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