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two men standing near a bar with the b10 bottle
As you eagerly await Belvedere's latest film, indulge in the captivating world of Belvedere 10 through a mesmerizing sneak peek at the bottle. Uncover the unparalleled essence of this extraordinary masterpiece of design.
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Encased in a striking, sculpted bottle, this singular spirit is a statement of decadence: opulent, faceted and effortlessly smooth. Belvedere 10 is exceptionally rare and is crafted from the single harvest of one rye field alone. So smooth it demands to be enjoyed neat or over ice.

belvedere 10 bottle with marble background


The bottle itself is a masterpiece of design, a modern icon of brutalist elegance that celebrates the liquid it holds. The Belvedere 10 stands at an extravagant ten levels tall, in tribute to the liquid's meticulous 10-step creation process. The white hue reflects the spirit’s purity, while its chiselled facets give a diamond-like sparkle.

belvedere 10 bottle in a cast